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Did Monotheism Cause Environmental Apathy?


The natural is always something that’s been important to many religions throughout the world. Most of these societies would be called primitive by today’s standards, but they lived in harmony with the environment more or less. What most of these societies had in common were their polytheistic religions, they believed that Gods existed in many forms throughout nature. Such as trees, animals, water, dirt, clouds, etc…. I believe this was the cause of their respect and reverence towards the environment they lived in. They would think twice about pointlessly cutting down a tree because they believed some form of God or a spririt existed within that tree, and cutting it down would would be blasphemous. Monotheistic religions like Christianity see God as an almighty figure that exists outside of our realm of existence. God placed the Earth here and gave men dominion over other creatures and the faculties of nature. So by cutting down a tree, we’re doing nothing wrong. It’s just a tree that was placed here by a god that has absolutely nothing to do with the modern world, he’s somewhere in heaven listening to prayers. By their being no spiritual menaing attatched to the natural world, western society has been able to justify everything they’re doing to nature. I wouldn’t even say justifying, because there is no need to do such a thing. People view nature as something that is disposable, it’s here for us to control and use for whatever needs we have. Monotheism desensitizes  us to the state of the world because it ultimately doesn’t have anything to do with our religion. Monotheism in nature, seems to bring many more problems than it solves. For example, in ancient Egypt when King Akhenaten made the switch from the polytheistic religion to Atenism, which was the worship of a singular God Aten. His reign saw the most corruption and largest wealth gap in Egypt’s history at that time. There seems to be something inherently evil about monotheistic religions, it makes people value the world around them less. Most of the largest most brutal empires have been monotheistic.

Why Western Society is The Worst Thing To Ever Happen To The Planet


Western society has infested the world like some roaches doing roach shit. There was always an idea that the European lifestyle was the correct way to live and everybody else basically need to fall in line. Western way of life consists of destroying everything, eating processed foods, living in cities proven to be bad for mental health, dealing with unhappiness constantly, feeling stagnant, etc…. These are all things that don’t sound to indicative of a well-functioning society. This sounds like some fuck shit that’s actually terrible for most of the world but europeans lives were okay so they ignored it. The cultural relativism present in European societies to this day is mind blowing. Why they feel like everyone else in the world needs to live exactly like them is beyond me. But, they’ve done the most damage to the planet out of every other civilization. They’ve killed countless humans and animals, the state of the Earth is fucked up past belief rn. All of this global warming and mass extinction shit is because of western society. We’re all just letting it happen which is even worse, we know what’s going on but we’re not doing anything. I’ve always wondered why humans feel so helpless even when there’s large numbers of us. Maybe the individualistic societal values of the West makes it easier for us to disassociate ourselves with others. There is definitely less care present when talking a out other countries, especially underdeveloped ones. There’s a sentiment that these countries going through famine and all that shit bc they’re not smart enough to get with the times. When in reality they were doing fine before western society fucked with them, but now that Europeans have touched their lives they’re all starving and shit now. Most of them people wouldn’t be starving if corporations didn’t poison the water and deforest large areas. essentially cutting off their food and water supply. Technology is cool and all, but I feel like as citizens we’ve let the government get away with to much, especially as black people. The people run the country not the government, I wonder will we ever act like we know it.



The Power of Nigga


Nigga is basically the only thing yay belongs to block people. It’s the one part of our culture that white people can’t steal. While they are capitalizing off it like a fuck, they still can’t say it so it’s kind of a victory? I’ve always seen nigga as a way to troll white people and remind them of the shit that happened in this country. They originally used it as a word to oppress us and we fucked and repurposed it. Nigga is really the ultimate troll because it can be used in any situation referring to absolutely any person. Nigga can be used in the happiest and saddest of moments, it really is a catch-all term that black people made their own. White people make such a big deal about not being able to say it because black people have made nigga a cool word. Think about all the ways we use nigga in comedy, music, movies,etc…. We’ve succeeded in taking a word that was originally made to show we were inferior, and changed it into a word of empowerment. I don’t think the use of nigga should ever stop, I feel like black people should continue to say it and white people should idly listen. To ask for a word of our own after being fucked up or 400 years isn’t to much idc.



On the Sixth Day God Created Sexism


Adam was created from dirt and Eve was created from his rib. Why? Did God want to make women an accessory to man? It would have made much more sense to also make the woman out of dirt create two equal beings, I mean God seems like a sexist for that dick move. Perhaps the biggest sexist of all time, he literally created women out of a man’s body part instead of creating them from the same he created men from. Supposedly Adam had a wife before Eve, who was made from the material he was. Her name was Lilith, and she was on some bullshit apparently. It seems that God was teaching his people that a woman is a part of a man rather than a whole human herself. The women made from the same material as a man isn’t the right type of woman. She must be part of a man in order to be a proper woman in God’s eyes. But if god is omniscient, why didn’t he know that Lilith was going to fuck up? If he knows everything why make her in first place? Or even better, why not make her perfect like Adam? Unless God wanted women to come from a man’s rib which would mean God is a misogynist making him not perfect.



Over Fear



So many proud ideas exist in this current generation. High social bars set in religious context. To disagree is sacrilegious, and to be wrong is to be fake. At time this pride is a flashlight to a harsh reality, and a frigid society. We have demonstrated the power of human progress. The very idea of liberty fuels itself on our ability to do as humans. To rise to whatever occasion we choose to.

So what occasions did the leader of the free world rise to last night? What light was shed in our darkest corners in Donald J Trump’s speech?

Do you believe america keeps secrets?

This man, and his staff are suspected of treason. We demand answers, and he delivers a catch phrase. In the meantime justifying a wall that is more successful in its symbolism that it’s ability to guard. Those in fear build walls. Those with pride, or confidence believe in people. Believe in the only moral this generation cares about truly. Freedom. The internet is a testament to the desire of creativity. The freedom to name large objects with very silly names. The freedom to play in our virtual space. The internet could be so much worse than it is. How many people use the freedom of this virtual space to permit good things is proof. Proof of proud people wanting the best for humanity. Services likes gofundme, Kickstarter, patreon, and etsy are all in support of other people. Relying on other people’s ideas.

Most importantly The People use this freedom to check those in power. Even though no one guides most to this philosophy. We believe it to be right. To serve those around us. To know the truth, and chase our own freedoms. Which have lead to startling discoveries in the past years. A transparent government only got further away has the time has gone by.

This speech was sedation. This show put on the journalist around the speech was sedation. Walls against their real enemy. US. The people. Standing stronger, and louder than ever. Trump claims pride alongside our police officers, and law enforcement. Which is a unanimous yes in most circles. Regardless of support or not they protect, and serve the people. Innocent lives saved first. As does our government, and military. Why? Because we are many.

Even with all that money, and all that gunpower nothing will tackle a prideful american. Because they believe in freedom, and they’ll die for it. It may seem a bit insane to be so positive of the people in such times. March 15th could very well collapse many organizations. The dow is surging so high that a hard fall sounds like pure chaos.

So how can I see hope in our people? have we finally seen a victory for the people? They are scared. Scared enough to practice in a nice black SUV. We have come over fear, and they are still hiding.

– Kayman

Saks Fifth Ant – Pussy Price


Selling pussy is probably the coolest profession of all the illegal shit you can do. Magic Don Juan and all them other pimp niggas lived a lifestyle that was much more interesting than the drug dealers. And till this day I can’t understand how they made so much money selling pussy. Like pussy was able to buy them niggas fur coats and pimp colored Rolls Royces. Saks Fifth Ant is bringing dat pimp shit back in a real way with Pussy Price. He a member of the Land am, as well the nigga Landman Dxn who jiggalated and asphyxiated it. The beat hard as fuck and the lyrics fye too. But the coolest part of the song is definitely the ad-libs, it’s a whole bunch of shit going on and it really just sound like pussy selling music. The random sounds and screams throughout the song makes for a cool listening experience. The opening line of this song cold as hell, and that’s really some hard shit to do. Drawing the listener in with the very first line is not really that easy cuz it’s just not. But “selling pussy with my friends” definitely draws the listener in and makes them wanna hear more about pussy slanging. I’ll post the link and the koldest lines of the song below. Make sure to like & repost the shit.


Three most fye lines


“Selling pussy w/ my friends”

“I treat my bitch like my mans & I treat my mans like my bitch”

“She a freak ass bitch I’m a whole ass man”




Planetism in the Bible


Did God also create the universe? I imagine he would have had to if there is only one creator, but why are these other places never mentioned? I can see someone responding to that question with “Because we’re not on those other places, why mention a planet that we’ll never see?” That’s a huge problem for me, because if that is true then that means God wants his creations to be separated. If God is the all knowing and all loving being/deity the religious world says he is, wouldn’t he want all of his creatures to be connected and live harmoniously. We are just one tiny ass link on this HUMONGOUS chain God has created called the universe, if the links are aware of each other they will feel one with the chain instead of the link. Focusing on the bigger picture rather than being caught up in one’s self would make for a happier life. That’s why religion is so popular in the first place, people want to feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. They enjoy the idea that they will ascend to heaven when they die, they enjoy going to church and being around people with the same beliefs, and they enjoy reading the stories of people throughout the ages who have contacted their creator. So if religion could bring billions of human together, wouldn’t knowing that there are others in the universe created in God’s image do the same thing? This will forever be a mystery to me, I don’t understand how an all powerful God can only tell humans about one of his infinite planets. Even the celestial bodies close to us are never mentioned, why was our solar system created? Could this be because God doesn’t want us to think that far into things? He would like us to stay sheep and focus on all of the things he has done for this planet specifically. That still doesn’t add up though, if humans knew that we were only one of God’s billions of creations that would place God in an even higher place. Knowing that our god has created a vast network of people and random cool shit in space, would make us look at him in an entirely new light. We would want to connect with our other families in the universe through our common connection which is God. There would be less destruction as we would be trying to find out how to contact God’s other beings. It would make for a much more pleasing world for everyone, there would be a lot less problems and people would feel closer to God. This would also absolve any disbelief and blasphemy, if we knew about his other creations there would be no doubt that God is real. The whole universe via the deity who created us and ideally there would be universal peace or at least something close to it. Why would we be focusing on our planet and destroying it as well as each other, when we know there are other people out there in the stars that we have a connection with? That was the very first thing that didn’t make sense to me, how is only the small ass Earth talked about in a book about the greatest creator being of all time? What makes more sense to me is that some group  created this book in order to make controlling the masses easier. If people based their whole lives around this book, all the ruling class had to was make a situation relate to this book and they’d be okay with it. That’s why white people have been able to get away with shit so long, they used the idea of God to justify it all.




FlareonDon ft Saks Fifth Ant – Throw It On You


Swipe culture is definitely set to be the next cool thing hip-hop. They the light skinned niggas of the criminal world, just pointlessly buying shit in order to look cool and be fresher than everybody else. Throw It On You is a swiping song but with a stripper bitch feel, a nigga ca punch up or throw money on hoes to the song. Being versatile is an important part of making a good song, it must be suitable for several activities in order to be cool. Commanding a random a random hoe and a rat ass nigga to do your bidding because you not goofy enough to tear down stores in your old age makes for a great song. FlareonDon and Saks Fifth Ant are both Land fam who made this fye ass song. They were smart enough to hop on the swipe train early, I’ll post the link & most fye lines below.


Most Fye Lines

“She thick den a brisk”

“Gucci durag w/ da cape hoe I’m a hero”

“I’m a rockstar I got gahh-tarz”


Is Donald Trump Cooler Than Rico Recklezz?


Donald Trump is probably the most unpopular nigga in history among millennials, the Trump slander on social media is ridiculous. People actually hate the hell out of him, it slick became cool to hate him after a certain point. It’s always been cool on social media to hate Republicans but Trump is the most aint shit candidate I’ve ever seen in my life so i understand why the Trump hate is so rampant. It would seem he’s the most uncool person in America right now, but there might be someone even worse off than him: Rico Recklezz. If you scratched your head at the name I couldn’t blame you because I’m doing the same thing while writing this article.

Rico Recklezz has to be the most uncool rapper and generally uncool person I’ve ever witnessed. I just know about his coon activities on social media sites cuz he said he was gone fight a Detroit nigga. I tried to listen to one of his songs and I turned it off within 30 seconds, he is just so interesting. He has the Wale trait where it’s just impossible to care what he has to say. But, sadly even Wale is cooler than him. That’s something I never thought I would say but here I am, a Chicago nigga is less cool than Wale & Donald Trump. Besides his forgettable music, his name is spelled a ‘Z.’ As black people I thought we left that shit in like 2005, that was really the first thing I judged him off tbh. So Donald Trump’s name, persona, personality, and tracks are all better than Rico Recklezz. Watching Rico Recklezz VladTV interview made him at least 10x uncooler. Like if you’re going to be uncool at least be entertaining, during the interview I found myself not caring about anything he said. Trump is terrible and deserves to be hated like he is, but I think everyone would agree with me that eem Trump is above uncool Rico Recklezz.




The United State’s First Plan For a New World Order Failed


A nigga named Butler talked to the congress and told them there was a plan to instill a facist dictatorship in the United States. Named the Business Plot, a bunch of rich niggas were looking to shake things up and allow big business to run the US with an iron fist. This was during Roosevelt’s time when Glass-Steagall and all this shit was happening, so the wealthy had a huge reason to overthrow the government. Butler went public with this so they of course had to deny it and make him look crazy. The same people who involved him in the plan also ran the major newspapers. So they were able to paint him as unbelievable, even after going to court and spilling all the beans about the plan. Miraculously (or not so miraculously) not a single person he named were brought in for questioning. Butler wasn’t even taken serious, even after explaining in great detail the plan to get together 500k WWI veterans that would aide in overthrowing the government.The plan was overall strange when he started to name the people involved, such as Doyle, Bush, Du Pont, Rockefeller, & etc evil niggas.  This happened in 1933, the same time Germany, Italy, & Japan were doing their thing. The originators of the Business Plot had ties with the nazis as well as Japan. I theorize this was the original plan for a New World Order, if these 4 countries teamed up they could have taken over the world. At this point in history there was a true worker class, they were able to pay damn near whatever wages they liked and the profits they made were ridiculous, Rockefeller became the richest man in the world at this time. The complete control would have allowed them to treat workers however they wanted and make the perfect world for big business. Essentially giving them control over everyone and making a true new world order, an overall racist government with no compassion for the proletariat.



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Why Western Society is The Worst Thing To Ever Happen To...

Western society has infested the world like some roaches doing roach shit. There was always an idea that the European lifestyle was the correct...

Planetism in the Bible