The natural is always something that’s been important to many religions throughout the world. Most of these societies would be called primitive by today’s standards, but they lived in harmony with the environment more or less. What most of these societies had in common were their polytheistic religions, they believed that Gods existed in many forms throughout nature. Such as trees, animals, water, dirt, clouds, etc…. I believe this was the cause of their respect and reverence towards the environment they lived in. They would think twice about pointlessly cutting down a tree because they believed some form of God or a spririt existed within that tree, and cutting it down would would be blasphemous. Monotheistic religions like Christianity see God as an almighty figure that exists outside of our realm of existence. God placed the Earth here and gave men dominion over other creatures and the faculties of nature. So by cutting down a tree, we’re doing nothing wrong. It’s just a tree that was placed here by a god that has absolutely nothing to do with the modern world, he’s somewhere in heaven listening to prayers. By their being no spiritual menaing attatched to the natural world, western society has been able to justify everything they’re doing to nature. I wouldn’t even say justifying, because there is no need to do such a thing. People view nature as something that is disposable, it’s here for us to control and use for whatever needs we have. Monotheism desensitizes¬† us to the state of the world because it ultimately doesn’t have anything to do with our religion. Monotheism in nature, seems to bring many more problems than it solves. For example, in ancient Egypt when King Akhenaten made the switch from the polytheistic religion to Atenism, which was the worship of a singular God Aten. His reign saw the most corruption and largest wealth gap in Egypt’s history at that time. There seems to be something inherently evil about monotheistic religions, it makes people value the world around them less. Most of the largest most brutal empires have been monotheistic.


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