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Digits Was The Best Song of 2016



2016 as a whole was pretty weak w/ bangers, either that or I’m getting old. Most of the hot songs didn’t really resonate with me, JuJu On The Beat, and etc black people anthems didn’t hold my attention. 2016 was essentially a year of regurgitated material, gone are the days of most artists trying to maintain originality. Artists have come to find out that fans no longer care if you completely jock another person’s sound. If it sounds good, people will listen to it even if it sounds identical to another song. Hence the immeasurable number of Migos and Future clones that have found their place in the game over the last few years. Young Thug is an artist who never really followed trends, since he came out he’s always had his own style. It’s so unique that no one attempts to imitate, arguable Russ is the only enjoyable Thugga clone. His gift for melodies and his ability to put together a great song is what separates him from his contemporaries. ┬áThat being said, Young Thug had possibly the best project, but definitely the best song of 2016. Everything about Digits was absolutely perfect, the drop is the most turnt shit I’ve heard in a minute. The way the bass hits when he goes into the melody of the chorus gets me every time. Having a genuinely good song be catchy is a difficult task to accomplish, you often have to sacrifice lyrical content among other things in order to keep the catchiness. But Thug found a way around this. While he’s not a lyrical genius, these bars were high quality for someone of Thugga’s caliber and lane in hip-hop. What makes this song so enjoyable to me is the way he smoothly transitions to melodic changes all throughout the song. It doesn’t get boring and repetitive like most other songs that came out this year. IMO this should have been a number one song, you can literally find nothing wrong with this song. Unless you a hip-hop head ass nigga, but they have no say in anything current. The infectious hook alone should’ve been enough to catapult this to the top song in the country, but for some reason it didn’t catch. It’s really sad because Thug makes some of the best music but it never makes it off of the internet unfortunately. I’m not sure if it’s his record label not promoting him, or if he’s black-balled in the industry. Either way, they need to stop playing my nigga Thug and recognize bangers when they hear them.



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