Swipe culture is definitely set to be the next cool thing hip-hop. They the light skinned niggas of the criminal world, just pointlessly buying shit in order to look cool and be fresher than everybody else. Throw It On You is a swiping song but with a stripper bitch feel, a nigga ca punch up or throw money on hoes to the song. Being versatile is an important part of making a good song, it must be suitable for several activities in order to be cool. Commanding a random a random hoe and a rat ass nigga to do your bidding because you not goofy enough to tear down stores in your old age makes for a great song. FlareonDon and Saks Fifth Ant are both Land fam who made this fye ass song. They were smart enough to hop on the swipe train early, I’ll post the link & most fye lines below.


Most Fye Lines

“She thick den a brisk”

“Gucci durag w/ da cape hoe I’m a hero”

“I’m a rockstar I got gahh-tarz”



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