Donald Trump is probably the most unpopular nigga in history among millennials, the Trump slander on social media is ridiculous. People actually hate the hell out of him, it slick became cool to hate him after a certain point. It’s always been cool on social media to hate Republicans but Trump is the most aint shit candidate I’ve ever seen in my life so i understand why the Trump hate is so rampant. It would seem he’s the most uncool person in America right now, but there might be someone even worse off than him: Rico Recklezz. If you scratched your head at the name I couldn’t blame you because I’m doing the same thing while writing this article.

Rico Recklezz has to be the most uncool rapper and generally uncool person I’ve ever witnessed. I just know about his coon activities on social media sites cuz he said he was gone fight a Detroit nigga. I tried to listen to one of his songs and I turned it off within 30 seconds, he is just so interesting. He has the Wale trait where it’s just impossible to care what he has to say. But, sadly even Wale is cooler than him. That’s something I never thought I would say but here I am, a Chicago nigga is less cool than Wale & Donald Trump. Besides his forgettable music, his name is spelled a ‘Z.’ As black people I thought we left that shit in like 2005, that was really the first thing I judged him off tbh. So Donald Trump’s name, persona, personality, and tracks are all better than Rico Recklezz. Watching Rico Recklezz VladTV interview made him at least 10x uncooler. Like if you’re going to be uncool at least be entertaining, during the interview I found myself not caring about anything he said. Trump is terrible and deserves to be hated like he is, but I think everyone would agree with me that eem Trump is above uncool Rico Recklezz.





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