Landman Dxn is one of the best and easily the most creative producer in Detroit. This not even biased cuz he land fam, this nigga really just better than most producers out rn. He dropped a hot track ‘Another Night At The Tires’ to follow up his project ‘Da Stupid Pack’ It’s like dis nigga music is early Detroit techno mixed with some random bouncy shit. It’s hard to categorize his beats cuz they be so fye and off the wall. His music is a good break from other instrumental artists, who mainly go the Nujabees route. They throw some boom bap beats over a random ass sample, which is cool & all but where’s the originality. Imo, the most important part of being an artist in today’s day and age is having originality. Everybody wanna copy and shit, no one wants to develop their own style because dat shit hard. Dxn went against the grain and is trailing a path that is truly his own, it’s definitely to much for niggas to copy at this second. So this lane will remain his own for a long while. I’ll post the link below, make sure you like and repost his shit.





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