LMC is the definition of an ‘ehh’ brand. Sometimes they put out some skraight fye, but the vast majority of they shit be trash. They didn’t really change it up this season, they had 3-4 cool pieces and 30 trash ones. I think the problem with lines like this that they drop to many items to be taken seriously. Imo it should really be about quality or quantity, it’s hard to be taken seriously when they drop so many garbage items. I don’t want to wear a cool piece from a brand who also dropped something that looks like it should be sold at Zumie’s. It makes the whole line look bad and overall cheap. Most of the items are copies of old RAF, Supreme, and there’s weirdly a bunch of mall-core type clothing thrown in there. I personally wouldn’t wear this shit because of all the mall-core clothing, I don’t like weeding through a whole bunch of lame shit to get something cool. It’s different when high-fashion brands drop trash, because at least they’re original with it. They normally have some type of look going on, this didn’t happen with LMC’s SS/17 line. The cool pieces had looks, but the random logos thrown onto hoodies and shirts threw off the vibe of the collection. I didn’t really feel the punk rock aesthetic from the overall drop, just from a few pieces, and even then they weren’t really all dat punk. I’ll post the link and pictures of the coolest pieces below.











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