Growing up as a black person, music has always been an important part of my life. So much so that I often engaged in nigga activities to listen to it. Such as downloading 40 second snippets on funformobile, risking my computer’s safety on Limewire, etc.. I went to such lengths because I love listening to music. Most of the artist I listen to are black, we easily make the coolest music out of everybody. Now that I’m older I’m beginning to see that this affinity for music in black culture is extremely dangerous. Other races love music as well, but they don’t love destrutive music like niggas do. Honestly, if niggas not talking about doing rat nigga shit I really don’t want to listen. They have to talk about dogging a bitch, shooting a nigga, moving a bag, & cracking yo aintee card for me to even take it seriously. This lightweight extra fucked up because whether we like it or not music has a tremendous influence on the youth. They just running round without supervision being bebe kids and hear the glorification of all this shit that’s going on around them. Nigga rappers are so stupid that they love to rap about not being a rapper, whilst beingĀ rapping ass nigga. Most of em spread false tales about how they had all this money before rap because real skreet niggas trap for they money. Kids being impressionable listen to this and want a car like Future or Jibbs, so they’re more likely to want to hit the streets. I’m not saying this music makes them get into the skreets, but it definitely gives them justification and that little extra push to do so. because, they not only have reference point in they hood when they see a drug dealer riding clean. When they go home they hear their favorite rapper talking about the same shit the drug dealer is doing. This constant bombardment of harmful messages warps their mind into thinking that getting in the skreets is normal since they see and hear it so much. Nobody loves nigga music more than me, it’s an amazing art form that’s extra turnt & enjoyable. But we definitely need more variety in music, because constant exposure to such negativity will just lead to people to doing nigga shit. Artists people actually wanna hear though, nobody checking for J. Cole or Kendrick cuz don’t nobody wanna hear that shit while Young Scooter talking about stabbing niggas in the teeth.



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