Adam was created from dirt and Eve was created from his rib. Why? Did God want to make women an accessory to man? It would have made much more sense to also make the woman out of dirt create two equal beings, I mean God seems like a sexist for that dick move. Perhaps the biggest sexist of all time, he literally created women out of a man’s body part instead of creating them from the same he created men from. Supposedly Adam had a wife before Eve, who was made from the material he was. Her name was Lilith, and she was on some bullshit apparently. It seems that God was teaching his people that a woman is a part of a man rather than a whole human herself. The women made from the same material as a man isn’t the right type of woman. She must be part of a man in order to be a proper woman in God’s eyes. But if god is omniscient, why didn’t he know that Lilith was going to fuck up? If he knows everything why make her in first place? Or even better, why not make her perfect like Adam? Unless God wanted women to come from a man’s rib which would mean God is a misogynist making him not perfect.



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