So many proud ideas exist in this current generation. High social bars set in religious context. To disagree is sacrilegious, and to be wrong is to be fake. At time this pride is a flashlight to a harsh reality, and a frigid society. We have demonstrated the power of human progress. The very idea of liberty fuels itself on our ability to do as humans. To rise to whatever occasion we choose to.

So what occasions did the leader of the free world rise to last night? What light was shed in our darkest corners in Donald J Trump’s speech?

Do you believe america keeps secrets?

This man, and his staff are suspected of treason. We demand answers, and he delivers a catch phrase. In the meantime justifying a wall that is more successful in its symbolism that it’s ability to guard. Those in fear build walls. Those with pride, or confidence believe in people. Believe in the only moral this generation cares about truly. Freedom. The internet is a testament to the desire of creativity. The freedom to name large objects with very silly names. The freedom to play in our virtual space. The internet could be so much worse than it is. How many people use the freedom of this virtual space to permit good things is proof. Proof of proud people wanting the best for humanity. Services likes gofundme, Kickstarter, patreon, and etsy are all in support of other people. Relying on other people’s ideas.

Most importantly The People use this freedom to check those in power. Even though no one guides most to this philosophy. We believe it to be right. To serve those around us. To know the truth, and chase our own freedoms. Which have lead to startling discoveries in the past years. A transparent government only got further away has the time has gone by.

This speech was sedation. This show put on the journalist around the speech was sedation. Walls against their real enemy. US. The people. Standing stronger, and louder than ever. Trump claims pride alongside our police officers, and law enforcement. Which is a unanimous yes in most circles. Regardless of support or not they protect, and serve the people. Innocent lives saved first. As does our government, and military. Why? Because we are many.

Even with all that money, and all that gunpower nothing will tackle a prideful american. Because they believe in freedom, and they’ll die for it. It may seem a bit insane to be so positive of the people in such times.¬†March 15th¬†could very well collapse many organizations. The dow is surging so high that a hard fall sounds like pure chaos.

So how can I see hope in our people? have we finally seen a victory for the people? They are scared. Scared enough to practice in a nice black SUV. We have come over fear, and they are still hiding.

– Kayman


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