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Were Confessions a Pre-Industrial Form of Spying?


It’s no secret that the church has been used to push agendas and get citizens to do weird shit they never would’ve done if God’s name wasn’t in it. The idea of confessions seem fishy asl. You go in and tell all your secrets to a priest for forgiveness. Why wouldn’t you tell god directly so you could be forgiven from the source? Governments love to spy on their people and the church was a part of government back then. So the church could have easily used confessions as a clever reuse to keep tabs on it’s citizens. Kind of like some big brother shit, but much more papal and priest-like. It’s an entire government agency dedicated to this shit, my nigga Snowden risked his life to tell us the truth about this. The distribution of power hasn’t changed, the Catholic church still damn near run the western world even if it’s behind the scene now. Even if the confessions seemed anonymous, the priest could’ve easily known who it was. Or had someone hiding to see who goes in and out of the confession booth. It seems more likely that it was used for spying, cuz we all know the church evil and selfish asf.




Why Dating Someone With A High Body Count is The Wave


Body counts are something that shouldn’t really matter, yet people see them as a huge part of a relationship. If someone’s body count is to high it will often be hard for them to find a partner. All these people living in the past, because dating people with a high body count is really the best thing you can do. If your body count is 8 and your partner’s body count is 25, that means you can fuck 17 people without it being considered cheating. As long as your body count is lower than your partner, then it’s not technically cheating. If you fucking the same person over and over, then it doesn’t add to your body count. Say you want to settle down with a side hoe after your body count reaches 15, you can do that and it’s still not cheating. On top of that, you still can fuck 10 people before violating the sanctity of your relationship. The new wave that is 2017 is definitely something people need to get hip to, the dynamics of relationships are quickly changing and I’m all for it.


LMC SS/17 ‘Independent Mind’ Lookbook


LMC is the definition of an ‘ehh’ brand. Sometimes they put out some skraight fye, but the vast majority of they shit be trash. They didn’t really change it up this season, they had 3-4 cool pieces and 30 trash ones. I think the problem with lines like this that they drop to many items to be taken seriously. Imo it should really be about quality or quantity, it’s hard to be taken seriously when they drop so many garbage items. I don’t want to wear a cool piece from a brand who also dropped something that looks like it should be sold at Zumie’s. It makes the whole line look bad and overall cheap. Most of the items are copies of old RAF, Supreme, and there’s weirdly a bunch of mall-core type clothing thrown in there. I personally wouldn’t wear this shit because of all the mall-core clothing, I don’t like weeding through a whole bunch of lame shit to get something cool. It’s different when high-fashion brands drop trash, because at least they’re original with it. They normally have some type of look going on, this didn’t happen with LMC’s SS/17 line. The cool pieces had looks, but the random logos thrown onto hoodies and shirts threw off the vibe of the collection. I didn’t really feel the punk rock aesthetic from the overall drop, just from a few pieces, and even then they weren’t really all dat punk. I’ll post the link and pictures of the coolest pieces below.










Why Black People Can Never Be ‘Normal’


Since white people came and kidnapped our black asses from the homeland, they had they foot on our necks. I’ve always wondered why white people hated niggas so much, we was literally minding our own business and they enslaved us. It wasn’t normal slavery, these niggas treated us like animals and didn’t allow us to do the most basic shit. Like read, have our own religion, eat human food, etc… Forcing a people here will definitely leave some trauma on their race, and that’s the start of our abnormality. But a lot  has happened since slavery, some good, some bad, mostly bad though. Black men are prone to go to jail, partially because of racist judges and policies, and partially because niggas committing crimes. Why do niggas commit crimes? We don’t do criminal shit at the level white people report it, they just love to demonize us because it’s embedded in the culture of America. This whole ass country was built on the idea that blacks were inferior so they deserved to be treated as such. This type of sentiment doesn’t go away in 60 years unlike what white people want us to believe. The same government who allowed us to be lynched a couple decades ago gave us crack and threw us in ghettos shortly after they stopped allowing such things. All of this hate is why blacks can never truly be normal citizens in American society. These ghettos have damaged the black race in gross ways, many are subject to third world conditions. It’s not normal for kids to not have parents around, because they’re either strung out or in jail. It’s not normal for children to not know where their next meal is coming from or if the lights/water will be on next week. It’s not normal for someone to feel like they won’t survive if they leave their house without a gun. Living in an environment where one can very likely be murdered while walking to a gas station is not fucking normal. How can someone with the threat of death constantly hanging over their head ever be a normal citizen? They’re not living in an environment that encourages them to be normal, they have to fit in with their environment to survive. This environment is harsh as fuck and will eat you up if you not willing to rise to the task and do watchu gotta do. No one is born wanting to get involved in such a dangerous lifestyle, traumas throughout their lives often place them into these situations. Being subject to conditions so traumatic that your only option is going into the drug game where you’ll likely be jailed or killed is not normal. Seeing poverty and despair all around you for your whole life is not a normal thing for someone to experience. On top of that, you see the media demonizing you while you’re just trying to survive, it let’s you know that the majority still does not like you. We are a people who have been ignored and essentially aren’t seen as humans. If a white person does something wrong they are seen as mentally ill, because there must be something wrong with a white person if they do something vicious. But if a black person does something bad, it’s simply because their black. It doesn’t occur to the majority that we don’t come out the womb carrying guns ready to shoot a nigga. There are conditions in our environment that push us to certain behaviors, but they don’t want to look this deep into things. They simply see us as animals, we do it not because of our conditions  but because we aint shit. One cannot be normal while growing up in abnormal conditions, our schools are falling apart and children have no supervision. Left to their own devices kids is gone start doing bad shit because they kids. It’s the parent’s job to discipline them and lead them onto the right path. Our conditions and mindset is so fucked up that this doesn’t happen. Saying our state of mind needs to change is obvious, but it’s a lot harder than it sounds. How can we change our mindset when we see nothing but depression around us? It’s unfortunate but as blacks we have to help ourselves because the whites in power will never do so. They will keep their foots on our necks for as long as we allow them to. Being a normal citizen in America is somewhat of an impossible feat if you grew up in the conditions that most blacks are subject to.


Why First Day Out Is The Hottest Detroit Song


Tee Grizzley fucked around and made one of the hottest songs out of Detroit in a long time. Big Sean been making hits for some years, but nobody in the city listen to that nigga so he don’t count. Tee is what the city think of when we think of an actual Detroit artist. That rat nigga, angry, extra hood shit. But Detroit has had this type of music for years, but it never really caught on for some reason. Dex was about to blow up, but unfortunately got his life snatched early. Even Dex wasn’t as big ass Tee though, First Day Out is literally fucking up the whole induskry. What differentiates this song from others in the city, is first of all the production. Helluva is the most seasoned Detroit producer, when you hear a beat from him it isn’t the typical Detroit nigga beat. There’s always some extra elements, and most times a random nigga singing. Helluva changing up the beat like that is easily the most important part of the song. Tee had better bars than most rappers in Detroit, but they were Detroit nigga bars nonetheless. So why did this blow up and not other songs? It’s the flow he had,  it’s the style of Detroit to rap off cuz that shit sound fye. Other parts of the country don’t think so though, that’s why most of our artists never break pass regional success. Tee giving Detroit nigga bars on beat really opened up a new realm of possibilities for our artists. While I think the off-beat style of Detroit is some of the coldest shit in the country, the masses aren’t ready for that yet. Tee was able to do the smart thing and give them some regular shit that they would accept. Because we really do have the best street lyrics, Detroit niggas are a special type of angry. The type of anger you hear and get taken aback a little. It makes you wonder why the hell are they so mad, and what did their engineer think when they were yelling their soul out into the mic. The real Detroit shit is coming to the mainstream soon, but until then hopefully more niggas will drop songs with on beat flows to put more light on the city.



Landman Dxn – Another Night At The Tires


Landman Dxn is one of the best and easily the most creative producer in Detroit. This not even biased cuz he land fam, this nigga really just better than most producers out rn. He dropped a hot track ‘Another Night At The Tires’ to follow up his project ‘Da Stupid Pack’ It’s like dis nigga music is early Detroit techno mixed with some random bouncy shit. It’s hard to categorize his beats cuz they be so fye and off the wall. His music is a good break from other instrumental artists, who mainly go the Nujabees route. They throw some boom bap beats over a random ass sample, which is cool & all but where’s the originality. Imo, the most important part of being an artist in today’s day and age is having originality. Everybody wanna copy and shit, no one wants to develop their own style because dat shit hard. Dxn went against the grain and is trailing a path that is truly his own, it’s definitely to much for niggas to copy at this second. So this lane will remain his own for a long while. I’ll post the link below, make sure you like and repost his shit.




Should Meek Mill Start Smoking Crack?


Meek Mill is no doubt the hypest nigga of the last decade, I could see xxxtentacion taking his place but that nigga need to get out of jail first. While Meek’s yelling is immaculate, he aint got shit on the hypest rapper of all time. My nigga DMX. He brought the type of energy that only years of smoking crack and getting into fights with pitbulls could bring. Only a nigga on crack would fight any dog, especially a pit, so that tells you something. Smoking crack allows you to not give a fuck and lead a weird ass lifestyle that’ll mold you into the animal of your choosing. DMX’s choice was a dawg, cuz he was a hood nigga who prolly grew up with blue-eyed pits and random mutts wandering around. I believe Meek Mill’s choice would be a lion since he was half lion on one of his album covers. If Meek started smoking crack to become the nigga embodiment of a lion, he would definitely surpass DMX as the hypes rapper to ever live. Because really it’s all about loudness and a lion is thuhtty times louder than a dog. Meek loud asl, so geeked up off crack this nigga would be a monstrosity in the booth. His career is not so hot at this point, mainly because of the Drake beef and internet dick-sucking culture. If he had been smoking crack, this never would of happened in the first place. Cuz who the hell would wanna beef with a Philly nigga smoking crack that be growling on all his songs? He could have completely avoided the beef and prolly been diamond by now like DMX. While that’s in the past, it’s never to late for Meek to start, if he started smoking crack right now the hypeness of his music would increase exponentially and it would overshadow his Drake beef. Long story short, Meek Mill is being a loud rapper but not taking a page from the loudest rapper in history’s playbook. Live as a crackhead to get crackhead energy and take over the world of music. I doubt this will happen, because Meek Mill has just been doing everything wrong lately. Hopefully we’ll have another crackhead rapper to get crunk to soon. I’m still crossing my finger Meek Mill is that rapper though.



The Reptilian Conspiracy Racist Asf


If you not hip, the reptilian conspiracy is basically the idea that a race of reptoids run the entire world. The elite are of a special bloodline of 4th dimensional beings that shape-shift and take on human form. They seek to control the world because they evil or some shit and want to take over humanity. Within the race, there is a hierarchy of different lizard beings, all with different functions ranks. The lower ranked reptilians are black and brown, while the alpha reptilians are albino. A white nigga from Britian named David Icke created the conspiracy, and you know British people’s history with blacks. If you don’t they was the people who enslaved black people in America. So it’s safe to say they don’t like black people and most likely never will. At first I thought I was tripping, but then I realized how subliminal white people be with they racism. All of the taller more authoritative lizard niggas are white as fuck, but the low down ones who do the dirty work are dark. That on top of the fact that the conspiracy is some made up shit, makes me think the nigga David Icke racist asl. I’m not sure if he’s inherently racist, or subliminally racist. An empire that was built off the labor of black people has a culture that’s literally  built on racism. So perhaps he doesn’t realize he was being racist when he was making this made up species of reptiles to sell books to fat niggas who wanna be in the know. Before y’all niggas say I’m doing to much, just think about it for a second. Why can’t one nigga reptile be of higher power in a fictional race of people. That shit salm as hell, it just goes to show that blacks can’t be seen as authoritative figures because people associate white with power.






Music’s Effect on The Black Mind


Growing up as a black person, music has always been an important part of my life. So much so that I often engaged in nigga activities to listen to it. Such as downloading 40 second snippets on funformobile, risking my computer’s safety on Limewire, etc.. I went to such lengths because I love listening to music. Most of the artist I listen to are black, we easily make the coolest music out of everybody. Now that I’m older I’m beginning to see that this affinity for music in black culture is extremely dangerous. Other races love music as well, but they don’t love destrutive music like niggas do. Honestly, if niggas not talking about doing rat nigga shit I really don’t want to listen. They have to talk about dogging a bitch, shooting a nigga, moving a bag, & cracking yo aintee card for me to even take it seriously. This lightweight extra fucked up because whether we like it or not music has a tremendous influence on the youth. They just running round without supervision being bebe kids and hear the glorification of all this shit that’s going on around them. Nigga rappers are so stupid that they love to rap about not being a rapper, whilst being rapping ass nigga. Most of em spread false tales about how they had all this money before rap because real skreet niggas trap for they money. Kids being impressionable listen to this and want a car like Future or Jibbs, so they’re more likely to want to hit the streets. I’m not saying this music makes them get into the skreets, but it definitely gives them justification and that little extra push to do so. because, they not only have reference point in they hood when they see a drug dealer riding clean. When they go home they hear their favorite rapper talking about the same shit the drug dealer is doing. This constant bombardment of harmful messages warps their mind into thinking that getting in the skreets is normal since they see and hear it so much. Nobody loves nigga music more than me, it’s an amazing art form that’s extra turnt & enjoyable. But we definitely need more variety in music, because constant exposure to such negativity will just lead to people to doing nigga shit. Artists people actually wanna hear though, nobody checking for J. Cole or Kendrick cuz don’t nobody wanna hear that shit while Young Scooter talking about stabbing niggas in the teeth.


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The United State’s First Plan For a New World Order Failed

A nigga named Butler talked to the congress and told them there was a plan to instill a facist dictatorship in the United States....