Did God also create the universe? I imagine he would have had to if there is only one creator, but why are these other places never mentioned? I can see someone responding to that question with “Because we’re not on those other places, why mention a planet that we’ll never see?” That’s a huge problem for me, because if that is true then that means God wants his creations to be separated. If God is the all knowing and all loving being/deity the religious world says he is, wouldn’t he want all of his creatures to be connected and live harmoniously. We are just one tiny ass link on this HUMONGOUS chain God has created called the universe, if the links are aware of each other they will feel one with the chain instead of the link. Focusing on the bigger picture rather than being caught up in one’s self would make for a happier life. That’s why religion is so popular in the first place, people want to feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. They enjoy the idea that they will ascend to heaven when they die, they enjoy going to church and being around people with the same beliefs, and they enjoy reading the stories of people throughout the ages who have contacted their creator. So if religion could bring billions of human together, wouldn’t knowing that there are others in the universe created in God’s image do the same thing? This will forever be a mystery to me, I don’t understand how an all powerful God can only tell humans about one of his infinite planets. Even the celestial bodies close to us are never mentioned, why was our solar system created? Could this be because God doesn’t want us to think that far into things? He would like us to stay sheep and focus on all of the things he has done for this planet specifically. That still doesn’t add up though, if humans knew that we were only one of God’s billions of creations that would place God in an even higher place. Knowing that our god has created a vast network of people and random cool shit in space, would make us look at him in an entirely new light. We would want to connect with our other families in the universe through our common connection which is God. There would be less destruction as we would be trying to find out how to contact God’s other beings. It would make for a much more pleasing world for everyone, there would be a lot less problems and people would feel closer to God. This would also absolve any disbelief and blasphemy, if we knew about his other creations there would be no doubt that God is real. The whole universe via the deity who created us and ideally there would be universal peace or at least something close to it. Why would we be focusing on our planet and destroying it as well as each other, when we know there are other people out there in the stars that we have a connection with? That was the very first thing that didn’t make sense to me, how is only the small ass Earth talked about in a book about the greatest creator being of all time? What makes more sense to me is that some group  created this book in order to make controlling the masses easier. If people based their whole lives around this book, all the ruling class had to was make a situation relate to this book and they’d be okay with it. That’s why white people have been able to get away with shit so long, they used the idea of God to justify it all.





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