Meek Mill is no doubt the hypest nigga of the last decade, I could see xxxtentacion taking his place but that nigga need to get out of jail first. While Meek’s yelling is immaculate, he aint got shit on the hypest rapper of all time. My nigga DMX. He brought the type of energy that only years of smoking crack and getting into fights with pitbulls could bring. Only a nigga on crack would fight any dog, especially a pit, so that tells you something. Smoking crack allows you to not give a fuck and lead a weird ass lifestyle that’ll mold you into the animal of your choosing. DMX’s choice was a dawg, cuz he was a hood nigga who prolly grew up with blue-eyed pits and random mutts wandering around. I believe Meek Mill’s choice would be a lion since he was half lion on one of his album covers. If Meek started smoking crack to become the nigga embodiment of a lion, he would definitely surpass DMX as the hypes rapper to ever live. Because really it’s all about loudness and a lion is thuhtty times louder than a dog. Meek loud asl, so geeked up off crack this nigga would be a monstrosity in the booth. His career is not so hot at this point, mainly because of the Drake beef and internet dick-sucking culture. If he had been smoking crack, this never would of happened in the first place. Cuz who the hell would wanna beef with a Philly nigga smoking crack that be growling on all his songs? He could have completely avoided the beef and prolly been diamond by now like DMX. While that’s in the past, it’s never to late for Meek to start, if he started smoking crack right now the hypeness of his music would increase exponentially and it would overshadow his Drake beef. Long story short, Meek Mill is being a loud rapper but not taking a page from the loudest rapper in history’s playbook. Live as a crackhead to get crackhead energy and take over the world of music. I doubt this will happen, because Meek Mill has just been doing everything wrong lately. Hopefully we’ll have another crackhead rapper to get crunk to soon. I’m still crossing my finger Meek Mill is that rapper though.





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