The constitution is believed to be some amazing document that makes America the greatest country on Earth. These days America is second in damn near everything except for military expenditure. The point of the constitution was presumably to prevent the government from overstretching their powers and becoming to big. But then again, it was written by evil ass white dudes so who knew what they really wanted. But alas, the general narrative is that the constitution exists to limit government and give power to the people. But then you have to ask yourself, was it really to give power to the people? If so, why make s a republic instead of a democracy? The founding fathers didn’t trust the average to have a direct say in who will run the government. Was this a way to keep the power in the hand of a select few, or did they simply think the general public was to stupid to make an informed vote? Several elections have been decided by electorates instead of the general public. This is a fucked up system, it wouldn’t be in all honesty if were calling ourselves a democracy but we’re not. We’re in wars all over the world to “spread democracy” which doesn’t even exist in this country lmao. Perhaps this made sense in the 1800s, but the world has changed so much since then I think the constitution should as well. We’re living under a document that couldn’t account for the factors of a modern world. I think the constitution should have been changed the minute niggas were let out of slavery. For black people to continue living under a constitution that qualified them as three-fifths of a person when it was written is mind-boggling. If that was an original part of the constitution it would almost seem like the document that makes up the fabric of America is racist. Making America and the document that governs it racist as fuck :O! The black people who got out of slavery should have you know, had a say in the country they helped build. Because when they don’t get a say, almost 200 years later the government is still enslaving them and coming up with policies to keep them below the poverty line. Reparations, more than adequate school funding,voluntary segregation, elimination of income tax, low-interest government loans, affordable housing, exemption from the draft, & etc.. Are all things still owed to black people. Let’s take a look at trade as well, the jobs in the US are shit because of outsourcing. This is something that needs to be addressed in the constitution, there should be strict quotas on imports. When that quota is reached, there should be tariffs equal to the labor costs of a US worker. There should be universal healthcare, education, and basic income. The modern world is very different from that of the 1800s, the country has grown exponentially and is amok with social problems that the government completely ignores. This is the fault of politicians, the way they are funded needs to be abolished. Money has to be taken out of politics, as soon as the politicians stop helping their donors and start helping the people the country will be able to get on track. US foreign policy needs a complete reboot, we need to drastically limit the amount of money we spend on military and stop being interventionists. As well as severely limit or outright get rid of intelligence agencies. They are criminal organizations that wreak havoc around the world for profit. A department that closely watches for and swiftly prosecutes government agencies needs to established and permanently funded.  I haven’t even scratched the surface, there are many more problems in the US. Way to many to be fixed with laws and amendments, there needs to be a re-write of the constitution leaving only the Bill of Rights as is.




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