If you not hip, the reptilian conspiracy is basically the idea that a race of reptoids run the entire world. The elite are of a special bloodline of 4th dimensional beings that shape-shift and take on human form. They¬†seek to control the world because they evil or some shit and want to take over humanity. Within the race, there is a hierarchy of different lizard beings, all with different functions ranks. The lower ranked reptilians are black and brown, while the alpha reptilians are albino. A white nigga from Britian named David Icke created the conspiracy, and you know British people’s history with blacks. If you don’t they was the people who enslaved black people in America. So it’s safe to say they don’t like black people and most likely never will. At first I thought I was tripping, but then I realized how subliminal white people be with they racism. All of the taller more authoritative lizard niggas are white as fuck, but the low down ones who do the dirty work are dark. That on top of the fact that the conspiracy is some made up shit, makes me think the nigga David Icke racist asl. I’m not sure if he’s inherently racist, or subliminally racist. An empire that was built off the labor of black people has a culture that’s literally ¬†built on racism. So perhaps he doesn’t realize he was being racist when he was making this made up species of reptiles to sell books to fat niggas who wanna be in the know. Before y’all niggas say I’m doing to much, just think about it for a second. Why can’t one nigga reptile be of higher power in a fictional race of people. That shit salm as hell, it just goes to show that blacks can’t be seen as authoritative figures because people associate white with power.







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