A nigga named Butler talked to the congress and told them there was a plan to instill a facist dictatorship in the United States. Named the Business Plot, a bunch of rich niggas were looking to shake things up and allow big business to run the US with an iron fist. This was during Roosevelt’s time when Glass-Steagall and all this shit was happening, so the wealthy had a huge reason to overthrow the government. Butler went public with this so they of course had to deny it and make him look crazy. The same people who involved him in the plan also ran the major newspapers. So they were able to paint him as unbelievable, even after going to court and spilling all the beans about the plan. Miraculously (or not so miraculously) not a single person he named were brought in for questioning. Butler wasn’t even taken serious, even after explaining in great detail the plan to get together 500k WWI veterans that would aide in overthrowing the government.The plan was overall strange when he started to name the people involved, such as Doyle, Bush, Du Pont, Rockefeller, & etc evil niggas. ┬áThis happened in 1933, the same time Germany, Italy, & Japan were doing their thing. The originators of the Business Plot had ties with the nazis as well as Japan. I theorize this was the original plan for a New World Order, if these 4 countries teamed up they could have taken over the world. At this point in history there was a true worker class, they were able to pay damn near whatever wages they liked and the profits they made were ridiculous, Rockefeller became the richest man in the world at this time. The complete control would have allowed them to treat workers however they wanted and make the perfect world for big business. Essentially giving them control over everyone and making a true new world order, an overall racist government with no compassion for the proletariat.





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