When Bankroll Fresh died last year it was unfortunate part was the potential that was wasted. He was the last authentic trap artist. Everyone else in Atlanta had switched to the more meoldic sound. There were influences of trap but you can clearly the Young Thug influences in their music. Bankroll was from a slightly different era than everyone, he sounded more Jeezy/Gucci-esque. While he dropped melodic auto-tuned songs here and there, the vast majority of his music was on indubitable trap shit. He brought a new sound to trap with his fast and occassionally off beat flow. You can argue that Dolph still makes trap music, but Bankroll had that classic Atlanta sound. The way his bass hit and he rodeĀ  the beats talking about nothing but ignorance was the essence of 2004-2009. The new Atlanta rap is enjoyable to listen to, but Fresh was bringing back classic Atlanta with his own twist. I believe he could have changed the soundscape of Atlanta and brought back some of that grimy 808 filled trap music. But unfortunately we’ll never know, all we can do is play his old shit and get crunk to it.




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