Since white people came and kidnapped our black asses from the homeland, they had they foot on our necks. I’ve always wondered why white people hated niggas so much, we was literally minding our own business and they enslaved us. It wasn’t normal slavery, these niggas treated us like animals and didn’t allow us to do the most basic shit. Like read, have our own religion, eat human food, etc… Forcing a people here will definitely leave some trauma on their race, and that’s the start of our abnormality. But a lot  has happened since slavery, some good, some bad, mostly bad though. Black men are prone to go to jail, partially because of racist judges and policies, and partially because niggas committing crimes. Why do niggas commit crimes? We don’t do criminal shit at the level white people report it, they just love to demonize us because it’s embedded in the culture of America. This whole ass country was built on the idea that blacks were inferior so they deserved to be treated as such. This type of sentiment doesn’t go away in 60 years unlike what white people want us to believe. The same government who allowed us to be lynched a couple decades ago gave us crack and threw us in ghettos shortly after they stopped allowing such things. All of this hate is why blacks can never truly be normal citizens in American society. These ghettos have damaged the black race in gross ways, many are subject to third world conditions. It’s not normal for kids to not have parents around, because they’re either strung out or in jail. It’s not normal for children to not know where their next meal is coming from or if the lights/water will be on next week. It’s not normal for someone to feel like they won’t survive if they leave their house without a gun. Living in an environment where one can very likely be murdered while walking to a gas station is not fucking normal. How can someone with the threat of death constantly hanging over their head ever be a normal citizen? They’re not living in an environment that encourages them to be normal, they have to fit in with their environment to survive. This environment is harsh as fuck and will eat you up if you not willing to rise to the task and do watchu gotta do. No one is born wanting to get involved in such a dangerous lifestyle, traumas throughout their lives often place them into these situations. Being subject to conditions so traumatic that your only option is going into the drug game where you’ll likely be jailed or killed is not normal. Seeing poverty and despair all around you for your whole life is not a normal thing for someone to experience. On top of that, you see the media demonizing you while you’re just trying to survive, it let’s you know that the majority still does not like you. We are a people who have been ignored and essentially aren’t seen as humans. If a white person does something wrong they are seen as mentally ill, because there must be something wrong with a white person if they do something vicious. But if a black person does something bad, it’s simply because their black. It doesn’t occur to the majority that we don’t come out the womb carrying guns ready to shoot a nigga. There are conditions in our environment that push us to certain behaviors, but they don’t want to look this deep into things. They simply see us as animals, we do it not because of our conditions  but because we aint shit. One cannot be normal while growing up in abnormal conditions, our schools are falling apart and children have no supervision. Left to their own devices kids is gone start doing bad shit because they kids. It’s the parent’s job to discipline them and lead them onto the right path. Our conditions and mindset is so fucked up that this doesn’t happen. Saying our state of mind needs to change is obvious, but it’s a lot harder than it sounds. How can we change our mindset when we see nothing but depression around us? It’s unfortunate but as blacks we have to help ourselves because the whites in power will never do so. They will keep their foots on our necks for as long as we allow them to. Being a normal citizen in America is somewhat of an impossible feat if you grew up in the conditions that most blacks are subject to.




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