Body counts are something that shouldn’t really matter, yet people see them as a huge part of a relationship. If someone’s body count is to high it will often be hard for them to find a partner. All these people living in the past, because dating people with a high body count is really the best thing you can do. If your body count is 8 and your partner’s body count is 25, that means you can fuck 17 people without it being considered cheating. As long as your body count is lower than your partner, then it’s not technically cheating. If you fucking the same person over and over, then it doesn’t add to your body count. Say you want to settle down with a side hoe after your body count reaches 15, you can do that and it’s still not cheating. On top of that, you still can fuck 10 people before violating the sanctity of your relationship. The new wave that is 2017 is definitely something people need to get hip to, the dynamics of relationships are quickly changing and I’m all for it.



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