Tee Grizzley fucked around and made one of the hottest songs out of Detroit in a long time. Big Sean been making hits for some years, but nobody in the city listen to that nigga so he don’t count. Tee is what the city think of when we think of an actual Detroit artist. That rat nigga, angry, extra hood shit. But Detroit has had this type of music for years, but it never really caught on for some reason. Dex was about to blow up, but unfortunately got his life snatched early. Even Dex wasn’t as big ass Tee though, First Day Out is literally fucking up the whole induskry. What differentiates this song from others in the city, is first of all the production. Helluva is the most seasoned Detroit producer, when you hear a beat from him it isn’t the typical Detroit nigga beat. There’s always some extra elements, and most times a random nigga singing. Helluva changing up the beat like that is easily the most important part of the song. Tee had better bars than most rappers in Detroit, but they were Detroit nigga bars nonetheless. So why did this blow up and not other songs? It’s the flow he had, ┬áit’s the style of Detroit to rap off cuz that shit sound fye. Other parts of the country don’t think so though, that’s why most of our artists never break pass regional success. Tee giving Detroit nigga bars on beat really opened up a new realm of possibilities for our artists. While I think the off-beat style of Detroit is some of the coldest shit in the country, the masses aren’t ready for that yet. Tee was able to do the smart thing and give them some regular shit that they would accept. Because we really do have the best street lyrics, Detroit niggas are a special type of angry. The type of anger you hear and get taken aback a little. It makes you wonder why the hell are they so mad, and what did their engineer think when they were yelling their soul out into the mic. The real Detroit shit is coming to the mainstream soon, but until then hopefully more niggas will drop songs with on beat flows to put more light on the city.




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