Western society has infested the world like some roaches doing roach shit. There was always an idea that the European lifestyle was the correct way to live and everybody else basically need to fall in line. Western way of life consists of destroying everything, eating processed foods, living in cities proven to be bad for mental health, dealing with unhappiness constantly, feeling stagnant, etc…. These are all things that don’t sound to indicative of a well-functioning society. This sounds like some fuck shit that’s actually terrible for most of the world but europeans lives were okay so they ignored it. The cultural relativism present in European societies to this day is mind blowing. Why they feel like everyone else in the world needs to live exactly like them is beyond me. But, they’ve done the most damage to the planet out of every other civilization. They’ve killed countless humans and animals, the state of the Earth is fucked up past belief rn. All of this global warming and mass extinction shit is because of western society. We’re all just letting it happen which is even worse, we know what’s going on but we’re not doing anything. I’ve always wondered why humans feel so helpless even when there’s large numbers of us. Maybe the individualistic societal values of the West makes it easier for us to disassociate ourselves with others. There is definitely less care present when talking a out other countries, especially underdeveloped ones. There’s a sentiment that these countries going through famine and all that shit bc they’re not smart enough to get with the times. When in reality they were doing fine before western society fucked with them, but now that Europeans have touched their lives they’re all starving and shit now. Most of them people wouldn’t be starving if corporations didn’t poison the water and deforest large areas. essentially cutting off their food and water supply. Technology is cool and all, but I feel like as citizens we’ve let the government get away with to much, especially as black people. The people run the country not the government, I wonder will we ever act like we know it.




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