The Spring/Summer collection for woodhouse is not so good. A lot of patterns and interesting fits are used. Those are probably the coolest thing about the lookbook. the way they clothes fit look hella cool. As well as the different patterns that appear on the pieces, but some of the pieces themselves are trash. Specifically the shirts and overalls, they look mad goofy like I can’t picture someone actually wearing them. Most of the pieces look like something fit for a nigga with gauges and a red cup at a Madonna concert. Moist isn’t the word cuz it’s some moist pieces that are fire, these just did to much. Like the boundary was pushed, but the idea of style was completely forgotten. I wouldn’t even say the boundary was pushed, because these are pieces I’ve seen a decent amount. But, something different was definitely being attempted. The interesting part were the pairings, the person who put these outfits had to be on meth. Because most just didn’t match or make sense at all. A few hit though, like the pinstripe suit with the hat, that shit was fye. As well as the yellow and blue fit, minus the shoes. Dirty shoes look cool, but they just didn’t fit the whole vibe of this collection. I’ll leave photos of the pieces below.






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